About us

CAC Dove House District Headquarters, Welling is a growing church, an ever-increasing model of God’s mercy and compassion, a body united in love and by His grace enriched in the Father’s blessings. We are a church built on the abiding truth of God’s divine pronouncements, preaching the sharp and undying gospel of peace to a troubled and unconverted generation, living in total victory in this ever-challenging world!

We are the new breed of prayerful, holy living and militant believers reserved by God until nowI to reap the end-time harvest for Him, to snatch perishing souls out of the grip of Satan through the powerful declaration of the word, in the name and by the blood of Jesus. We are destined to continue steadfastly in the apostolic doctrine and to witness daily, the resurgence of the unusual apostolic signs and wonders. Will you join us? Who knows whether you have come for such a time as this?

Our noble objectives

  • To penetrate and saturate Great Britain and Europe with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to lead souls to God locally, in their thousands through our House Caring Fellowship, ‘Cottaging’ and Zonal Evangelism and raise leaders through focused efforts on leadership training, mentoring programmes and mass mobilisations of members in all cities and neighbourhoods.
  • To raise up winners full of joy, holiness and assurance of salvation irrespective of their age, gender, educational, cultural or social klimitations.
  • To build up a church of dedicated and matured believers who are dynamic tabernacles of our Lord, walking in the fruit and demonstrating the gifts of the Holy Spirit through the application of God’s word.
  • To put into operation practical community based and people-oriented programmes.



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